Sunday, May 07, 2006

Model for a Day

Lois Woolley, a wonderful portrait artist and instructor, is finishing up a workshop here at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops and I had the pleasure of sitting as a model for her demo. Here is the result.

I'm still working on putting my studio back in shape to start working on my own artwork. It always seems that when stuff must be cleared quickly from the public areas of the inn, it somehow lands in my studio!

Someone left a comment requesting that I share what I learned from each of the workshops presented here. I actually have very little time to actual sit in on the classes, but most of the time for the few moments I do get to hang around the class or listen in on the conversations around the dinner table, I can pick up some real gems of wisdom. I'll try carry though with this throughout the year! I'll also try to post these workshop specific comments in separate posts so that it will be easy to search for them.

If you get tired of waiting for me to post about a workshop, you can always check out our inn and workshop blog where we post all the pictures we take during the workshops.