Saturday, December 30, 2006

Postcard Craze

Yes, I'm a late bloomer. ;-) I have finally jumped into the fiber art postcard bandwagon and the ride is turning out to be quite a blast! Below are my first three postcards. I used leftover flower petals I had cut out for my photo display quilts and the background is leftover from Angry Rabbit. I love leftovers, or as David Walker would call them, "gifts."

I have 19 more ready for the final edging finish, and then off in the mail they go.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sew What

Finally getting around to posting pics of projects that I finished at least several months ago.

This is me in my new sweater. It turned out a little snugger that I'd like (I've got to remember to make sure the gauge is right before knitting or else lose some weight!) but it is wearable so I'll count it as a success.

My next project was making some breakfast service napkins. Our old napkins were embrassingly frayed at the edges. I could not find any commercially produced napkins that I liked at a price we could afford, so I found this light-weight denim fabric and made my own. Mark wanted napkins that were 1 meter square like they had at the palace in Vienna -- I told him to dream on. These are 16 inch square.

I joined a art quilt postcard swap as a means to encourage myself to get into my studio at start working! We don't have any workshops until February 2007, so this is our time off and I want to get in my studio as often as possible. Having a deadline for something helps! I completed my first three postcards on Tuesday, but I have to wait for the new camera battery I just ordered to arrive before I can post pictures.

Making the postcards are a lot of fun. It is a great way to dig into the scrap bucket and use bits and pieces of this and that. I keep a wastebasket by my sewing machine and I throw in all the pieces I figure I'll never use, but might give away to someone who uses bits and pieces. Well, I'm finding lots of useful pieces in there!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Cherry and Cherries

I have not forgotten about my blog, it's just that I have so little time and so much to do! I've been trying to find easier ways to post photos. I wish there were a one click option, but I haven't found it yet. Previously I had to first download the photos from my camera into iPhoto, then exported a photo in to a folder, then opened the photo in PhotoShop so that I could resize it for the web, then uploaded the photo to blogger. Way too many steps. Now I have discovered that iPhoto will do the resizing if I fool it in to thinking I'm exporting to a web page. This is great. One step elminated.

I tried, but I don't like the fact that if you click a photo on my blog you are then taken to the Flickr site and off of my blog. So forget about that option. Although, Flickr is a nifty way to have a photo album to share with friends and family.

So, anyway, here is a picture of my latest work. It is titled "Cherrys" because the image of the Dalmatian is of our former pup, Cherry and she is under a cherry tree branch. I made this piece for my daughter's birthday. I started and finished it on the same day! See what procrastination can accomplish - I waited until the last minute to decide on a gift and then had practically no time to make it - but thanks to next day delivery it made it to her doorstep on the right day!

We are finishing up our last workshop tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have more time to blog and actually develop a routine!