Monday, April 08, 2013

Finishing Spree

On my last studio day I went on a finishing spree. I finished three projects that had been hanging around on my design wall all winter. It feels great to finally get them finished.

The first one is one that I created from a photo of my Rhodesian Ridgeback, Bree.


I love this image not only for Bree's sweet look, but for the lines of the paving stones and the way that they lined up with Bree's head.

Next up are the whole cloth painted pieces that are also thread sketched that I began in the workshop with Susan Brubaker Knapp.



I finished the pieces with facing and then mounted them in frames.

All of these pieces will soon be up and available on my etsy shop.

Now comes the tough question . . . What will I start next?!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Etsy Shop is Back

Finally after a long hibernation, my etsy shop is back in business. The motivator was when I received an email from someone interested to know where they could buy one of my CrazyTies. So I told him I'd have them available on my etsy shop by the end of April. Nothing like a deadline to get you moving!


Besides the ties, I'm planning to sell my smaller art quilts and hand-knit items.

Meanwhile back in the studio I'm working on completing some of my other projects, such as this one. I'm doing the thread-sketching and quilting. I've just done minimal about of stitching on the dogs face and body because I want that to stand out from the background. The background is being heavily quilted to make it lay flat, flat, flat.

I may add some hand stitching on the "grass" areas.