Friday, January 23, 2009

Creative Thaw

While the snow and ice hasn't thawed, I finally got a moment in my studio! Thank goodness for deadlines or I might not have made it back in the studio until Spring (or at least after chocolate season).

I had promised to create a piece for the Studio Art Quilt Associates (New York branch) Trunk show and I was already late! So looking around my environment for inspiration, I recalled the winter landscape I had enjoyed on the way home from Albany last week. I was marveling at the slight pinkish tinge to the sky, just at the edge of the tree top line, that turned to bright blue as it went further up in the sky.

I call it "Upon a Winter Day". It is 12" x 12" and after its run in the trunk show, it will be donated to the SAQA auction in November.

I used a rotary pinker to cut out all the elements, because I didn't want a hard sharp edge between fabrics, and then stitched them in place. The trunks of the trees are strips of fabric, but the rest of tree is thread painted.

Had such fun creating this that I'm itching to make some more based on the same theme.