Saturday, May 16, 2015

Duck Beautification Project

Ok, real ducks look fine in the natural finery, but this white fiberglass duck needed a bit of "umphf!"

I prepped the duck with a bit of Goldens Gac 200 and Gesso. Then started the collage process with Goldens Gel Gloss Medium. I worked from the bottom up, collaging on the fabric in small manageable pieces so that it easily molded the the figure of the duck. I was pleased to see that the fabric molded so well to the duck that you could easily see the detail of the feathers.

IMG 0742

Both sides of the duck are similar and I worked back and forth from one side to the other.

IMG 0744

The farm and flower scene is done! All that remains is to paint the ducks face and feet.

IMG 0747

Here is the finished duck.

IMG 0751
IMG 0752

I've delivered him to the duck committee (I was fun to walk into the town hall and say "I have a duck delivery!") and he has been given another protective clear coat. On Monday, May 18th, he is due to be installed in front of our inn, the Greenville Arms 1889 Inn, for the summer! In the Fall there will be a fun auction of all the ducks - all 46 of them!