Sunday, January 24, 2010

Knittin' and Stitchin'

It's been a while since I had a chance to blog. We've been busy at the inn making, packing, and shipping chocolate orders. (Where is my winter going?!)

I'm continuing to work on the King size Log Cabin quilt - a wedding gift for my daughter. This is the first traditional bed quilt that I've made in quite a while and it is taking more time than I imagined. I'm certainly glad that I've started this early - the wedding is in October. I'm actually making 2 of them because I want to have a back up incase anything goes haywire along the way with one of them. If both turn out fabulous, then I'll have one more quilt done for our inn rooms.

I'm almost finished with the 72 blocks for the first set. I'll finish the second set before I layout the two quilts so that I have more flexibility with which blocks are used with which version.

I've also been knitting in the evenings when I hang out with Mark and/or Hudson and Bree.

This is a picture of a sweater I completed a couple of months ago - finally got a picture of it. I had fun trying to take a picture of myself with it on. I used the timer function on the camera and set the camera up on the fireplace mantel. I kept dashing back and forth to "strike a pose" that didn't cut off my head, didn't make me look silly or fat, and still showed off the sweater - which was the main thing.

Still cut off my head a bit, but the sweater looked best in this shot.