Monday, February 02, 2009

More winter landscapes

I just finished another version of my winter landscape. This is fun! The title is "Upon Another Winter's Day".

This one is 15" x 15". I used more fabric variations and tried to represent different types of trees. After making the first one I had noticed the maple trees that I can see outside my studio window and saw that all of their major branches started down low and reached all the way to the top. I thought I had really blown it with the way I did the trees on the first piece! But then I noticed the trees outside of Mark's office window (which is where we keep the espresso machine - my first stop in the morning after taking the dogs out for a quick walk) and saw that their branching structure was very much like the trees in the first landscape.

I have more ideas for variations on this theme, so I can't want to have some more time in my studio.

But at the moment I am tackling (yes, I watched the Super Bowl - yaa, Steelers!) the task of sorting and organizing our attic storage area. Boxes are still in there that have been untouched since being put there by the moving company - 5 years ago! I'm trying to eliminate as much stuff as possible. I already posted the first batch of stuff on eBay today (my seller id is kimiscbd). Sorry, no fiber art related stuff yet, but I'm sure there will be before I'm done.