Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I still have had only minimal time in my studio because it seems like I'm working around the clock on not only our workshop and inn business, but now it is Life By Chocolate. I am glad of the business, but exhausted by the end of the day (if not sooner).

In my studio I am currently working on a piece that I will hopefully have ready to enter into one of the Quilts, Inc exhibits but because of their strict rules, I can't show you progress pictures! But picture this -- because my studio is small and has no large table space, I'm having to use my floor space (all of about 4 x 6 feet) as my design area. I sit on the floor and cut and design. I'm under the ironing board, so when I have to iron a piece, I must scoot out from under the board, then slowly scramble to my feet, trying not to step on the design, the scissors, or rotary cutter (closed, of course!). I'm making progress, but slowly!

I have finished another knitting project - a wonderfully fuzzy and soft sweater made from Dakota yarn by Tahki. The pattern is from Knitting Pure and Simple. Knitting I have time to do because I can do a little bit each day right before my eyes refuse to stay open any longer while sitting in bed with the dogs playing like wild banshees all around me. (Focuses the concentration to have to work in these conditions and not drop stitches! LOL.)

I'm standing in front of our Valentines chocolates display at the inn. We now have our chocolates in 3 local co-op or health food stores, so it is going fast, but there is still some there for the last minute Valentines gift or the "oh, no I forgot to get anything for you for Valentines" gift after the fact.

We had a tiny ice storm the other day which dressed the shrubs and trees in the most wonderfully glistening glaze.

We are lucky to be on roads that are kept very clear of ice and snow, which is why I can still be in love with the winter! Although, there hasn't really been much of anything to keep clear of. There is currently just a minimal dusting of snow and the sunny is shining this morning. The weather report is predicting snow this afternoon, but we'll have to wait and see. We are in an area that these storms somehow shift away from at the last minute.

Well, better finish up with the blogging and get to work this a.m. I have chocolate bars to wrap for a new order, and Mark just created a new variety of chocolate bar and needs a new wrapper designed.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

My First Solo Exhibit

Yesterday we hung my first solo exhibit! It is really gratifying to see a selection of your work all hung together, especially at times when you are feeling like you haven't done anything worth while it such a long time. LOL.

The exhibit is at the Massry Residence, 180 Washington Ave Extension, Albany, New York. I am the featured artist on their lobby wall for the months of February and March. I was invited after a student at one of our workshops recommended me to the director at the residence.

I'm looking a little disheveled because we drove up to Albany as a "nice" little ice storm was just picking up steam and so I was dressed for mushy weather and the result was some wonderful hoodie hair!

Other exciting news is that our online store for Life By Chocolate is live! Check out the chocolate bars that feature images of some of my quilts.