Sunday, March 28, 2010

Disappearing Posts

Think you are seeing things? Thought you saw a post there and then it was suddenly gone?

It's not you, it's me. I use Blogo to maintain all of our blogs and it is way too easy to be so busy writing a post that you don't even bother to look at which blog you are posting to until it is too late!

Got make sure the brain is engaged before clicking POST. Sheesh.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Air Pen Doodles and Knitting

Here is my air pen doodles. Fun. Probably won't be getting one until the winter when I have more time and can also go to the big art studio with more air ventilation. My 3rd floor studio is tiny and does not get much in the way of air circulation with just one window.

Finished another couple of knitting projects. Another fickle finger scarf and some more socks.

Can one have too many hand-knitted socks? I'm not sure -- I'll have just keep at it until I know!

The socks I keep, the scarves I sell. I recently sold quite a few of my scarves, so I'm working to restock.

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Toy Craving

I finally got the chance to sit for a moment with Susan Shie and have her show me how to use an airpen. What fun.

It takes a bit a practice to avoid blotchy lines but once you get in the groove, it's not too bad. I could see the possibilities.

But I will have to learn not to gesture when talking if I have an airpen in my hand!

I just doodled, drew silly things, and wrote meaningless sentences, but even that would be fun to paint and then cut up to use in something. I'll have to take a picture of my "masterpiece" and post it later on.

I already know the piece that I NEED this airpen for. It is an idea that I've had for a long, long time but hadn't been sure how to pull it off. It may still not work, but at least now I have an idea of what to try!

If the airpen doesn't work, I can always turn it over to Mark for decorating the chocolates!

The Air Pen that Susan uses is made by SilkPaint -- in case any one wants to get one for me! LOL!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In Search of Orange

I finished the top for my daughter's log cabin quilt and started putting together 15" squares of fabric to form the backing. I was using a wild assortment of novelty fabrics and multi-color fabrics (you know -- the ones that don't fit in any color family!).

I was almost finished when I thought I better check with my daughter to see if this would suit her style. So I email her and asked if she would mind a quilt back that included fabric with pictures of sushi eating cats!

I was not surprised by her answer. I should have known. My tastes do tend to be a little more "colorful" than hers. But how can I argue with someone who always looks fabulous and so put together. She does have a wonderful sense of style and fashion, even if different than mine.

So now I am in search of the perfect orange. I used an orange fabric, by Robert Kaufman - Designer Essentials, for the center square in each log cabin block.

But this is a long discontinued fabric and so I've had no luck finding any more. However, since the center square is so tiny, I guess it won't make a difference if I just get a fabric that is similar in color.

But of course I just can't accept any old orange fabric. It must have something interesting in it!

I've seen some potentials online, but I think I'm going to have to go shopping at a local shop to see the fabrics in person.

We have a break in workshops coming up next week so I'm planning a little shop hop of my own.

Susan Shie is here this week teaching a workshop. It is very interesting watch her use an airpen to do the writing on her diary quilts. Makes me want to run out and get one!

She brought a number of pieces of her work. Such incredible detail and texture.

It is a small class, so I thought that maybe I'd get a chance to sit in and watch. But the work of running an art workshop program, inn, and chocolate business is never ending. 14 hour days are the norm.

But it is all worth while when the people tell me what a great time they are having and the teachers say what a wonderful place is it to teach. That is my reward and what keeps me going.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Log Cabin Times Two

I have finally finished the two sets of blocks for the log cabin quilt I'm making for my daughter's wedding. (One for her and one as a back up if any disaster should happen to the first one!)

This afternoon I took the blocks out to the carriage house art studio to lay them out in the final arrangement. I'm happy to have such a big floor space to do this in. I don't think I could have spread it out in any of the other rooms of our inn - Victorians were are not known for large rooms!

The arrangement I needed to get the right size for a king size bed is 9 blocks by 8 blocks. (The blocks are 12" blocks.)

This is one of the tops.

Unfortunately, that means that this particular arrangement (Sunshine and Shadow) does not come out even. I'm thinking that I'm going to drop that last column and make up the needed width with a border.

This is the second one.

I'm shooting to finish these tops including borders by the end of next week because our first workshop checks in on March 14th and that means my available quilting time will be sharply curtailed! Besides the fact that the art studio floor will no longer be available as my design area!