Sunday, October 28, 2007


Wow. Two posts in one month. It must mean the workshop season is winding down and I actually have a moment or two to do something other than work!

Carol Taylor is starting her second of two workshops today. Seeing her work and watching what they are doing in her workshop sure makes me itch to get in my studio to start strip piecing!

But what did I do with my couple hours of studio time -- cleaned my studio! This is one of my favorite procrastination techniques (besides knitting). But sometimes the studio just really needs it - stuff gets everywhere in stacks and stacks until you can barely move without upsetting a stack.

Just two more weeks to go before I can move my studio to the Carriage House studio for the winter! I'll be able to stay out there until the end of February. It will be wonderful to have so much space.

Here is another piece I created for the Deconstruction/Reconstruction exhibit. It is called Graffiti and is made from Spanish rice sacks. I use acrylic paint on the sacks and then stitch it with Aurifil 12wt thread (which makes a nice thick line). When taking the train into NYC I enjoy checking out all the graffiti that you see along the way. So this is my interpretation of graffiti. I used the "traditional" paint, but then used thread as a "quilter's graffiti."

This my current project for the California Fiber Artist's Dwellings collection. It is at the phase where I'm about ready to start stitching, but I still have a few more details to ad - like the yellow dashed line for the roads between the rows of houses.

Fall is finally here and the leaves are falling! Fall is a beautiful time of year up here. The weather is perfect - not too hot and not too cold.

Friday, October 12, 2007

New Blog Title

I changed the title of my blog from "Crazy By Design - Day By Day" because who am I kidding . . . I'll never have the time to blog daily! I consider myself very lucky to blog quarterly. So now it is "Artist Interrupted" as that is how I feel my life is at the moment -- constant interruptions from whatever I'm doing.

Last Saturday when it was suppose to be my day to work in my studio, I don't think I was ever in there for more than half an hour before I would be called downstairs for some reason or another other. We had a lot of inn guest checking in that day, and while Mark is suppose to be handling this, he always picks Saturday as the day to do chocolates - a task that often cannot be interrupted without bad results. So guests are arriving and Mark is no where to be seen and he can't hear them from the kitchen. This means that because I happen to be the one seen first I'm suddenly pulled into checking in the flow of guests and showing them to their rooms and helping with luggage, and then while I'm down there I may as well take care of the dogs and make coffee, etc. Sigh.

Well, enough of my whining.

This week is our Retreat week and we have a wonderful mix of fiber artists and painters. I think the painters are getting a real kick out of watching what the fiber artists are creating. Kris Moss and Patti Turi are the fiber artists. They are doing really cool stuff. I'll have to take some pictures today.

But what have I been doing, you ask. Well, I'm working on my Dwellings piece and a lecture that I'm giving next week at the Bethlhem Art Association. It will just be a slide show lecture, but I want to show pictures of the Dwellings piece in process. I hope I have the time to get the process finished!

Below is an image of one of the pieces I did for the Recycled exhibit with CFA. It is titled Fashion Crossroads. It is made with old suit swatches and strips from one of Mark's shirts.