Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Neater Studio - For the Moment!

My studio is neat and organized -- or at least for the moment. I thought I better snap a few pictures before everything goes to heck again.

All my fabric is neatly arranged and I can easily see that I need more lights and darks!

In this pictures you can see the new Elfa drawer units that I bought. Lots more storage and I can finally have all of my threads and UFOs in easy reach. (You can also see that the clutter is starting to collect again!)

And speaking of UFOs, I'm finally finishing this Crazy By Design sign that I started when I was in California and selling my work at art festivals. I wanted to create a booth sign and thought it would be nice to have an art quilt sign rather than a painted or printed sign.

I have it bound but will now add a finishing touch of beads around the color patches under the C and the D.

This past Saturday I also worked on a landscape/townscape that I'm creating in hopes of entering it in some big show. I've already missed the deadline for the exhibit that I originally intended it for (this is starting to be my new MO) and the next is fast approaching and I have yet to start the quilting. If I miss all the deadlines I'll have to post pictures here. I hate not be able to post pictures just because some venues will only accept work that has been totally hidden from view. What if the piece you enter doesn't make it in the exhibit? Then you've had to keep something your proud of hidden away (like hiding your feelings) and by the time you can bring it out into the light, you are already onto the next several projects and the elation of finishing it is long gone. Oh, well. I have no time to worry about this at the moment.

I have also been working on a redesign of my website: www.CrazyByDesign.com. It is way over due. I had been hoping to hire a web designer to do this, but after getting several estimates, I had to accept that it just wasn't in my budget for now. So I am going through the labor intensive process of doing the thing myself. I know that the prices that professional web designers charge is worth every penny because it requires lot of work and knowledge and graphic design abilities. Unfortunately, I more time than pennies and even the time is in pitiful supply. I designed my current site and I'm hoping to get the new version up in the next couple of weeks.