Monday, December 22, 2008

A Creative Freeze

Ok, so it has been cold here lately, but I exaggerate about the complete freeze of creativity. It is true that I haven't had the time or motivation to do anything fabric art-wise, but I have been knitting, sewing curtains, sewing chocolate show display booth table covers, photographing new chocolate creations! Of course, the only thing creative/artistic in this list is the photographing.

My husband/chocolatier has been creating some new vegan confections (due to popular demand) and he has discovered that I take more creative photographs of the finished product.

If you check out the Life By Chocolates website, you'll start to see more of the product pictures featuring fabric backgrounds and maybe some other fiber art materials!

The next two photos are of our chocolate bars. The first one has the bar resting on some gold raffia ribbon that I have used as a binding material on some of my art quilts.

This next pictures has the chocolate bars resting on a couple of spools of Superior Threads Rainbow thread. I love this thread and the colors go great with dark chocolate!

This next pic is of the new Vegan Tea Set truffles (tea-infused dark chocolate). I have them sitting on top of a ceramic cat that I bought on a Brownie fieldtrip to San Francisco many moons ago (when I was of the age to be in the Girl Scout Brownies!)

Here is my knitting chair-warmer! Bree, a 80 pound Rhodisian Ridgeback, thinks that she fits just fine curled up behind me on this wingback chair. I don't think this is helping my knitting, but at least my back is warm.

We also had a nice long visit from my daughter, Adina, over the Thanksgiving holidays. We made our annual trek to Webs yarn store in Northampton, MA and managed to load up on more yarn no matter how hard we resisted. The shopping spree was Adina's birthday present from us.

I'm crossing my fingers that I get a change to get back in my studio before too long.