Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sparse Results

It's been a very busy summer with Hudson River Valley Art Workshops, and so I've had little time to work in my studio on art projects. However, I did finish one little landscape piece.


I had started this with the intention of donating it to the Studio Art Quilt Association auction for this September, but what with one thing or another, I didn't get it started in time to finish it by the deadline. So since I missed the deadline, I didn't have to stay within the 12" x 12" restriction! It is still small but I think the final measurement is somewhere around 12" x 14"

I've also been relaxing with a little needlepoint and recently finished this piece.


It was a painted canvas designed by Brenda Stofft, which I purchased from the NeedleNook of La Jolla in California.

Next needlepoint I do will be of my own design. One of the nice things about doing needlepoint is that you have plenty of time to let your mind wander to think of other creative designs and ideas while your hands are busy with the one you are currently working on.

I've now started work on another large quilted rabbit piece. I don't have a final design in mind at the moment and will just be making a bunch of rabbits in various positions, sizes and colors. Later I'll decide on a composition.