Monday, October 13, 2014

Award at La Connor Textile and Quilt Museum Festival

One of my goals this year was to submit to some Calls for Entry. It may have been half way through the year before I got to this, but I submitted 3 of my art quilts for the La Connor Textile and Quilt Museum Festival in La Connor, WA -- and all 3 of the pieces were accepted!

Then the next exciting news was that one of the pieces had won 3rd place in the Abstract Pictorial category. The piece that won was "Rabbits in the Grass." Here is a picture of my daughter in front of the quilt. I think they did not allow photos at the exhibit, but they let my daughter "sneak" in a photo because I couldn't be there in person.

IMG 0509

Nothing like an award to get you motivated to create!

These are the other two pieces that were in the exhibit. My daughter said that her favorite of the three was the squirrel.

AngryRabbit lgBluegrass lg

I've been continuing my series with rabbits and am now working on a largish piece. It will feature a line of duplicate rabbits and then one large rabbit.

Here are the duplicate rabbits in process. The faceless rabbits have sparked some more ideas!

IMG 0475

A full hand of rabbits! I made seven, but am not sure how many I'll use in the current piece. It was great fun to make a batch of duplicate rabbits (the same fabric selection for each piece is the same of all rabbits) and fun to have a stack of them ready to use.

IMG 0489