Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What a Crazy Pear

I've been having lots of fun creating small fabric mosaics with the subject of pears. I choose pears for their interesting shape and interesting blend of colors.

After doing the first with a rather neutral light brown background, I thought I punch it up a little with BLUE! After all, according to Charles Gruppe (an oil painter), blue sells! LOL! It's also one of my favorite colors.


After completing the one above I was debating whether I should do another, because I do have other half finished projects on my design wall staring me in the face and demanding to be finished, but it's like pistachios - you can't stop at one!

But then the whimsey took hold of my brain and I sent my Pear Out to Sea.


That was it. I put away my tiny squares of fabric tiles before I started on Pear on the Moon, or Pear at Times Square. I'll have to let these ideas percolate while finishing the squirrel and rabbit pieces that I started last winter.