Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blogging Neglect

Where has all the time gone? I always mean to blog more but I think my current lack of time to do much art is a big factor. I feel like every post MUST have pictures, and since I don't have a "one-click" way of adding pictures, procrastination is my middle name. I'm sure there must be an easier way and I'll have to research it in the winter when our workshop season is done.

I have been doing some work in my studio and have completed a piece that I call "Alpha" and it features screen prints of a photo that my daughter took of our previous Dalmatian. It is large so I have to wait for some good weather and my time schedule to coinside so that I can set up an area to photography the piece outside. I'm thinking for using the backside of the "icehouse" garage which gets good light and is out of the way.

I'm currently working on another piece that features more of the same photo screen printed.

My last studio day was spent making a small quilted piece to cover up the hole that Hudson ripped in one of the chairs in the second floor parlor. I used men's suit swatches that I got from Nieman Marcus. I just pieced the squares into a panel of about 15" x 20" and then quilted it with this fabulous heavy-weight thread by Aurill (or something like that) that I bought in Houston at the last festival. It adds great texture.

And speaking for the Houston Festival, I'm going again this year -- as a vendor! We decided to get a booth to promote the 2007 art quilt workshops at Hudson River Valley Art Workshops. I can't wait! Now, however, I'm scrambling to get everything organized for the booth. Thank goodness I already have hotel reservations.