Thursday, March 30, 2006

New Work and New Inspiration

I finally got a picture of one of my recently completed pieces. With my piece "Angry Rabbit" off the wall and on its way to California, there was space to hang something new! Which was great, because this wall is also a great place to take pictures - plenty of good lighting.

This piece is for an exhibit with the California Fiber Arts that will be hung later this year in Half Moon Bay, I believe. The theme of the exhibit is "The Naked Truth." So this piece is called "The Naked Truth - The Whole Truth". The inspiration for it is the mix of negative and positive things we think about ourselves. The torso is pieced from fabric on which I printed either positive or negative phrases. The negative side is stained with coffee (I layed the fabric under our espresso machine station for several month - it was thoroughly dripped on!)

I'll be adding this to my website later on with a detail shot.

Now for some inspiration. I have been doing some Spring cleaning in the gardens and today I was cutting down the dried grasses in the pool garden. I was piling the bunches of grasses in the cart, but then turned around an noticed how beautiful the golden grasses looked in the afternoon sun. Now if I only had the time to act on this inspiration!

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Miriam said...

naked truth is fabulous - i think i'm a new fan and am so happy i stumbled upon your site!