Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Addendum to Day Two

Yes, indeed, anonymous commenter, there was much gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair but that was yet to come! Day Two had only a bit of eye rolling and sighing as I tried to create a connected composition with fabric that had mostly lines in between shapes. I'll know better next time -- I hope!

As I said, I left the barn at 8:30pm, which was a lot earlier that others. I was relieved to have actually kept up with the assignments at that point. The first class I took with Nancy I had to leave and go home each day at 5:00pm because I had taken the class locally and had my family to contend with in the evenings. So I got so far behind in the assignments that I don't even want to think about it. So this time I just put my head down and focused on getting it done!

I was so happy to have a good selection of fabrics, the appropriate solids, to choose from so that I didn't have to spend time agonizing over making the wrong fabrics work together!

And since I am writer who agonizes over saying the right thing, I am going to spead out the blogging about the workshop over several days. ;-) But I won't let it go for weeks this time.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so greedy, I want it all at once. Imagine me with a rich chocolate cake...I would eat it all at once. At least that's my fantasy. The person who was in your class from Hawaii has a blog and she's been very quiet about her experience. I think she's processing the experience, but it's driving me crazy that she's taking her sweet time posting as well. Anyway, thanks for your efforts and I'll keep faithfully checking every day. :0)