Saturday, June 21, 2008

Still Under Water

That's just figuratively, not literally! My studio has still not been put back together after my return from the Nancy Crow workshop. But I've told myself that I just need to go in there and put just one or two things away each day and it will be finished in no time. Well, I'm still working on it.

As soon as I can see my floor again, I have to x out a day on my calendar, go into my studio and refuse to come out! I'm hoping to get some time during the July 4th weekend.


Anonymous said...

okay enuff excuses....get back to work. finish those quilts; tote that barge, haul that hay!!!!!! Post some stuff!!

paige said...


I'm not sure how I found you--I came somewhere back down the line from Robin in Hawaii's blog--but I have had dreams of this last quilt, and I just sat for an hour looking through my list of favorites trying to find you again.

I found Nancy's work while i was taking a beginning quilting class a couple of years ago, and I fell in love with quilt art. I'm self-taught since then, with big gaps in practice b/c I have two small kids, but I've learned so much from blogs and books. The important thing I have not yet figured out, though, is just what your anonymous commenter said about that quilt: How do you piece that thing?!

So now that I've found you (and bookmarked you to a fare-thee-well), perhaps my subconscious can stop worrying that I'll never see the end result, and I'll keep checking.

You do beautiful work.


ps What would you advise for learning to piece such work? The kind woman who taught the traditional class I took gave me a kind of sad look when I asked.