Monday, February 15, 2010

Restocking the Stash at the Joyful Quilter

Making 2 king size log cabin quilts has depleted my stash of navy blue, moss green, chocolate brown, and tan fabrics. The stash was definitely in need of a refill.

This was just the excuse I needed to plan an outing to theJoyful Quilter in Glenville, NY. One of my favorite shops and shop owners, Bob Silverman of the Woodstock Quilt Supply shop had recently closed his shop in Woodstock and joined forces with the folks at the Joyful Quilter and I wanted to go check it out!

Here is Bob cutting all of the fabric I just couldn't resist.

The shop had a wonderful selection of fabrics and was full of light and quite joyful.

I had a hard time sticking to just the colors I needed, but came away with this batch of fabrics.

I already have a number of them washed, ironed and cut into strips.