Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fields of Promise

I couldn't wait. I was going to wait until after I had taken a good photograph of my latest Fields of Promise piece before hanging it up at the inn, but it was taking too long to find a moment to set up my photography area. So I hung this one:

And this one in our front dining room.

I'm midway through the quilting on another Field of Promise piece and am hoping to finish it this coming Saturday.

David Dunlop is teaching a workshop at our inn this week and he always has such enthusiasm for art of any kind that it is hard to not catch that enthusiasm and want to get into your studio and create!


Diane said...

hi, Kim,

Hi – I wanted to let you know that the Artful Quilters Blog Ring has moved. We’d love to have your blog move to the new ring! You can read about the details here: http://goingtopieces.blogspot.com/2010/07/artful-bloggers-ring-moving-follow-us.html

Lisa Daria said...

Love this Field of Promise piece -

- and your previous post, I think the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops is such a great idea - hopefully someday soon it'll be essentially running itself leaving you more time!