Monday, February 27, 2012

Waiting for Organization

My studio was getting over run with stuff again, so I decided that I needed more storage for all the bits, pieces, and miscellaneous stuff that I seem to accumulate at an astonishing rate.

I found this 14 drawer tower at Home Decorators and even better - it was on sale!


The drawers, sides, top and bottom of the tower are of a nice solid construction. The only negative is that the back panel is flimsy stuff and I had read this in the reviews, so I was prepared for it. However, since that part was going to be facing the wall, it was something I could live with.

I also got some metal drawer label holders - the kind that you can slip a piece of paper in and readily change whenever you need to.

I got this a couple of weeks ago, but haven't yet found the time to start filling it. I'm still in the middle of a project (which is why the stacks of fabric are all over the place) and until that is done, I can't really get into the reorg feeling.

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