Saturday, April 07, 2012

New Movable Design Wall

I finally put together a moveable design wall using a method that I first heard about from Pamela Allen, a fabulously imaginative artist from Canada.

The basic materials are:

  • clothing rack on wheels
  • Two 4' x 6' 1-inch thick insulation board
  • duct tape
  • a white sheet
  • pins

  • The two insulation boards are put on either side of the rack and then duct taped together. Then I pinned the twin size flat sheet on one side using regular straight pins. If I find that the pins are not holding when I start loading up the design wall with designs, I'll substitute the straight pins with upholstery pins (pins with a curly-cue at the end).


    Nothing fancy, but it does the job and now I can easily move it to get at the contents of the shelving unit that is behind it.

    This is the back/other side that I haven't covered yet. I'm going to cover it with black fabric. This way I'll have either a white background or a black background upon which to photograph finished art quilts.


    The one thing I may change later is to use a heavier white fabric, maybe flannel, because the sheet is a little thin and you can see the shadow of the duct tape behind it.

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