Saturday, November 03, 2012

Getting Nosey

A bit more progress on the Bree portrait.


I'm thinking that I may have to adjust a few pieces to make them blend better with each other, but I'll do that after I have everything in place. Who knows, when it is all together I may decide a couple "funky" pieces are just the right amount of character needed. After all, it is the unexpected pattern and colors that I like about working with commercial fabrics.


Martha said...

Kim, your Bree is going to be wonderful. (I found you even with blotspot!) It will be interesting to follow your progress--an ambitious picture. I learned Katie's process several years ago but am put off by the cutting of the heavier card stock. You inspire me to try it again.
Martha Ginn

Kim Marguerite said...

Thanks Martha! I think the trick to the process is to not let yourself get overwhelmed by the sheer number of pieces to cut out! ;-) Just approach it one small section at a time and before you know it, it will be done! I really do love Katie's process and the look that it produces. But sometimes I'll take the shortcut and leave out the cardstock, edge-turning, and seam allowances and just fuse, fuse, fuse!