Monday, April 01, 2013

Etsy Shop is Back

Finally after a long hibernation, my etsy shop is back in business. The motivator was when I received an email from someone interested to know where they could buy one of my CrazyTies. So I told him I'd have them available on my etsy shop by the end of April. Nothing like a deadline to get you moving!


Besides the ties, I'm planning to sell my smaller art quilts and hand-knit items.

Meanwhile back in the studio I'm working on completing some of my other projects, such as this one. I'm doing the thread-sketching and quilting. I've just done minimal about of stitching on the dogs face and body because I want that to stand out from the background. The background is being heavily quilted to make it lay flat, flat, flat.

I may add some hand stitching on the "grass" areas.


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