Monday, March 16, 2015

Rabbit Round Up

"Rabbits! Why rabbits?" I'm always asked when I turn up with yet another fiber art rabbit . Well, I like rabbits. They are very expressive in their quiet way.

Maybe it is because my first experience of artistic acclaim came about when at the age of 5 I won an Easter Bunny coloring contest. Or maybe it was from reading Watership Down in high school. Or maybe I've been inspired by several rabbit pets.

The first rabbit quilt I made was Angry Rabbit. He wasn't angry until I was working on the eyes as one of the last pieces and I was looking for a way to make the eyes stand out in this large grey and black rabbit on a green and brown background, surrounded by bright pink flowers. When I tried out the color red I knew I had found a color that I'd use for all my rabbits from then on! My rabbits are angry rabbits! Just because an animal is quiet and shy doesn't mean it doesn't have strong feelings!

In any case, in honor of Spring, here is a round up of all my rabbits made to date.

Angry Rabbit


Rabbits in the Grass

This piece recently won an award at the La Connor Quilt Museum Festival in Washington. The space between the elements of this piece are open.


Rabbit Squared


This small 12" x 12" piece was made for the Studio Art Quilt Association's annual fund-raising auction several years ago.


Hear the Music

This rabbit departed from my more abstract rabbits and is based off of a photograph. I created this when I was teaching my process to a group at an art retreat. The background of guitars was collaged from leftover scraps from making my "Crazy Ties."

All of the rabbits below were completed in 2014 when I really went on a rabbit binge.

Rabbit on the Run


Outta Here


Creative Sprit






More to come, of course, in the coming years.

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