Saturday, December 30, 2006

Postcard Craze

Yes, I'm a late bloomer. ;-) I have finally jumped into the fiber art postcard bandwagon and the ride is turning out to be quite a blast! Below are my first three postcards. I used leftover flower petals I had cut out for my photo display quilts and the background is leftover from Angry Rabbit. I love leftovers, or as David Walker would call them, "gifts."

I have 19 more ready for the final edging finish, and then off in the mail they go.

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Joanna van said...

Beautiful PC's! I also love your mosaics! Maybe, you can give us a brief tutorial on how you do it? I'd love to make some mosaic PC's at some point. Also, I am hoping one day to take a workshop at the inn. They have such wonderful instructors coming ...would love the weeklong workshop with Katie. But, I have two little hopefully in the following year!