Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fabric Sort Has Begun

I have moved all of my fabric stash out to the carriage house studio and I started the great sorting project today. I've had no time to actually create any artwork yet, but I've at least gotten some good exercise! My regular studio is on the 3rd floor of the Main Inn, so moving all this fabric (Man, it is heavy) down the stairs and over to the Carriage house took quite a while. (Who needs a Stairmaster!)

One thing I have noticed is that I just don't have enough fabric in light and dark values. Most of it is in the middle range of values. Darn - I guess I need to go shopping. LOL.

I hope I get something more out of the studio move than sorted fabric, but I guess that isn't a bad thing either. We have been really busy getting the Life By Chocolate website and online store up in time for Valentines Day. I'm doing the web page layouts in PhotoShop and Mark is taking the photos and entering all of the info in the online store database. My brother, who is our website host (Blue Cliff Hosting) will convert my PhotoShop designs into web pages. Mark will soon be creating a line of chocolate bars and the wrappers will feature my quilts! (I'll be designing the wrappers, too.)

I have been invited to hang a solo exhibit of my work in Albany! I'm hoping to check out the site tomorrow (when I take 2 of our vacumm cleaners in for repairs). I'm not sure of the space so I need to find out what size pieces can be hung and then hope I have enough that will work!

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ann said...

My stash is very low on light light and dark dark also. However, on my last trip to buy those specific fabrics, I ended up with one light, one dark, and a pile of middle values. I had to do it! LOL.