Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finally Some Web Progress

I'm finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. I have uploaded my updated website and now have pictures of my newer work and also more importantly, information about the workshop I am teaching this year!

I still have to do some more tweaking and update the "What's New" page (I don't know why I left that for the last, but I did.)

We are between workshops today and the sun is shining. It looks like a beautiful day to work in the garden, and since I just repaired the garden cart I should start doing some much needed trimming, but my back is hurting like crazy. So maybe I'll use that as an excuse to spend this glorious day in my studio!


Mark by Chocolate said...

I'm in worse cell coverage than Greenville. So, I thought I'd leave you a quick message. I'm still trying to get email working. They have strong wifi here but no cell. Worse than Greenville.

Vermont so far has been beautiful but not bery, bery good to me on the selling front. I think this is another Connecticutt.

Had OK BBQ here. Nice wait staff but a little dry on the chicken. Nice skirt steak. Seemed almost like flank steak. The BBQ pork ribs where small and overcooked. They must use direct heat. Great corn bread though. I took pictures.

Love you.

Mark by Chocolate said...

I can recieve email but not send it. Funny. That. What was that you sent me?

Is that someone taking Life by Chocolate and our brownie pie in vain or is that us doing that?

Still no cell but I get email. Can't recieve.



Mark by Chocolate said...

I can GET email just not send.

I am skipping the Winooski Coop in Plainfield Vermont. It's on the Mac under the Vermont Biz Dev file. Could you ask delores to please send them a sample?

I don't have their address, a natural on to skip, only main str. have delores call them with my regrets 802- 863-2569 an get their mailing address. love, m.