Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mini-Winter Landscape Quilt

An artist friend of ours is going through a tough time and so I thought I'd make her a quickly little landscape quilt. She is a watercolor painter now, but use to be a fiber artist, so I know she will appreciate the work.

This week at the inn, Natalie Sewell is teaching her fabric landscape class which always inspires me to make more landscapes!

I'm still itching to do some more work on the paper and fabric journals that I started in Kathyanne White's workshop.

But realized as I was clearing my tables to work on the landscape piece that if I want to make progress on more of these collaged journals, I'll need a more efficient way of storing all the STUFF. Right now I have stuff, such as beads and buttons and ribbons tucked away in a tall plastic set of drawers. Unfortunately the drawers are tucked away in a corner with a table and other stuff blocking the way! This makes it difficult to get any work done when you have to fight your way to the stuff you need! This may be a project for next winter.

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