Thursday, July 20, 2006

Spring Has Finally Arrived . . er.. Passed?

I finally was able to set a side a day to devote in the studio (Mark agreed to be puppy wrangler for the day) and I finished the piece I had in mind as a great thing to hang on our wall to celebrate Sping. I'm a bit late, but I'm early for next Spring! This is also my first experiment with pre-fused fabric that I then cut and iron. Well, it certainly speeds up the process and I like the clean sharp edge -- makes it look almost painted on. The title is Red Bud

I also finished the Robbi Eklow pattern-based piece that I began in a class with Robbi back in March. I added buttons to all the circles. I'm calling it Blue Dots. Now I just need to find a room to hang it in.

On a bit of knitting news, I finished this Turtleneck Shell. It turned out decent enough. However, now I'm thinking it is a very impractical item of clothing. If it is cold enough for a turtleneck, why would I wear a sleeveless shell? If I were to do it over, I'd at least make it just a mock-turtleneck.

Guests are going crazy over the Crazy Ties. After several people ask to see my Crazy Ties (after seeing them on the notecards we sell), I finally hung up a display in the foyer of the inn. Not the most classy of hanging devices, but it does the job and I've been selling the ties!


Elle said...

"Blue Dots" is cool! I like it!

Fruit Jar Nicky said...

I enjoyed happening across your Robbi Joy workshop piece. I recently took this class and many of the students in my class chose the same design that you did. I bought that one too and hope to do it soon. Thanks for sharing!