Friday, April 10, 2009

Counting Sheep

Yesterday I was feeling a bit low, probably from lack of sleep, so I started counting sheep.

After dinner I was browsing the internet after a search on "wool sheep" and "how to raise sheep". Yes, I know this is crazy, but I was to tired to think straight! ;-)

There are lots of interesting sheep varieties and the wool on the wool varieties certainly looks fine and soft. Hmm. Maybe a couple of sheep would look nice on the "back forty" (really the back 4)! Yeah, right! Like I need another job.

Well it is fun to dream.

I'm almost finished with two more landscape quilts. Just need the finishing edge. I was going to call it quits with this series, but then what happens . . . I go outside and start looking at the trees and think . . . Hmm, there is more that I can do to improve this series. Sigh, it never ends. Thank goodness!!

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