Friday, April 24, 2009

February and March Landscapes

I finally finished the two landscapes that I was working on.

This is the March landscape and the one below is February.

It is always interesting to look at the pieces as photographs. For some reason I always see an aspect of the piece that I had not noticed while I was working on it. Maybe it is because the photograph puts some "distance" on the piece and while I'm working on it, it is too much "in-my-face" to notice some details.

In any case, I am happy they are done. Both are 15" x 15".


Vicki W said...

They are beautiful!

patricia belyea said...

Great to look through your blog and see your work. Your little landscapes, show the change between two months are sublime.

My 18-year old just shipped off to CIA in Hyde Park. Is that anywhere near you?

Please check out my blog of randomly pieced quilts. Patricia (posting on

Fulvia Luciano, artist said...

Two little gems!