Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gardening in My Mind

My daughter just posted on Facebook all of the things that she just planted in her garden in California. I just had to sigh. Yes, I do miss the good practically-year-round gardening weather in California.

It is not quite warm enough to start planting here in upstate NY, still might get a cold night. But even when it warms, I think I'll have to pass on the new and just work with what we have at the moment.

But I can garden in my mind. Jackson and Perkins is tempting me with their 2009 roses. Here is a beautiful example:

The Summer of Love Hybrid Tea Rose. So appropriate because we are close to Woodstock!

I think this would be a good image to work with when doing a color impression quilt. Maybe that will be my next project.

I'm almost finished with the landscape pieces. Still doing the final edges and hanging sleeve for the back.

We have a little break between workshops, so hopefully I'll get some studio time. The next one starts April 30th, although we do have an art therapy group coming in this next weekend for their group retreat. They even hired a yoga instructor for one day!

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