Thursday, March 04, 2010

Log Cabin Times Two

I have finally finished the two sets of blocks for the log cabin quilt I'm making for my daughter's wedding. (One for her and one as a back up if any disaster should happen to the first one!)

This afternoon I took the blocks out to the carriage house art studio to lay them out in the final arrangement. I'm happy to have such a big floor space to do this in. I don't think I could have spread it out in any of the other rooms of our inn - Victorians were are not known for large rooms!

The arrangement I needed to get the right size for a king size bed is 9 blocks by 8 blocks. (The blocks are 12" blocks.)

This is one of the tops.

Unfortunately, that means that this particular arrangement (Sunshine and Shadow) does not come out even. I'm thinking that I'm going to drop that last column and make up the needed width with a border.

This is the second one.

I'm shooting to finish these tops including borders by the end of next week because our first workshop checks in on March 14th and that means my available quilting time will be sharply curtailed! Besides the fact that the art studio floor will no longer be available as my design area!


Anonymous said...

These are great. Why not just go a bit bigger?

Kim Marguerite said...

Yeah, that's probably true, and now that I think of it . . . I could have taken the excess blocks from one of the tops and then had one top that was just totally log cabin blocks, and the other I'd add a border to make up the difference! But then again, I wanted them to be almost the same. Remember the second one is my "back up" quilt in case something happens to the first one! ;-)