Sunday, April 23, 2006

More Detail

I've been neglecting my blog and just discovered that I had some comments! I guess I'll have to check my settings because I thought that comments would come to me via email.

But anyway Carol and Debra asked to see a detail shot of Bucephalus, so here it is.

The square pieces are about a half inch square. I fused the pieces to a foundation fabric with Steam-A-Seam II and then stitched over all of them when I quilted the piece. They have held up beautifully, even though the piece was repeatedly folded(!) when on its tour with the Myths and Legends exhibit.

And speaking of fusing, I've really been itching to start in on some new projects after watching the fun everyone has had in first the Melody Johnson workshop and now the Leslie Riley workshop, that is just finishing today. (I think we are going to have to drag the students out -- they don't want to leave!) You can check out the class pictures on our inn blog.

And speaking of pictures, I just have to share the picture of our new puppy. We are going to pick him up on Friday when he will be 7 weeks old.

Hudson is the one on the left. He will be my sixth Dalmatian. If you've seen my website, you may have noticed a few of my pieces have some Dalmatian influnce!

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