Saturday, April 29, 2006

Puppy Spotted

I have a good excuse for not working on more fiber art - or so I tell myself! Hudson is in the house and you have to watch him like a hawk to keep him from leaving little "surprizes" all over the rug. He is not quite ready to be let into my studio on the 3rd floor -- so far from the front door and out to the lawn. But he keeps himself out of too much trouble by using the cuteness defence. You judge for youself.

Another inspiring workshop has come and gone. Laura Cater-Woods was here for 6 days with a group of 11 talented women, each with their own vision in their work. Laura is a great instructor and art career coach and I tried to sit in on as many of the discussions as possible to hear her little gems of wisdom. She is coming back in December 2007.

I'm still working on the Robbi Ecklow piece I started in Chicago. I was in the quilting phase when I had to lend my personal Bernina, a 1260, to one of the students in Laura's workshop. This was because we were having trouble with the new Bernina Activa 220 I bought as a rental machine for the workshops. It was having trouble with specialty threads, but it turned out to be operator error! I had looked at it, Laura had looked at it, and the student was a long-time Bernina user, too, but none of us realized that we had threaded the machine incorrectly! Luckily a quick call to the dealer showed us the error of our ways, but by then I decided that I'd just let the student continue to use my machine as she was so happy with it.

I wish I could find some 1260's to buy inexpensively to have on hand for the workshops, but they are still very much in demand and go on eBay for way over $1000.


Elle said...

Hudson's toooo cute!!

Micki said...

Hudson is adorable. Your quilts on your blog are wonderful.

Dianna in Maui said...

Oh my gosh, he's a darling! We have an 8 mo old yellow Lab, Cody. Don't you just love puppies (most of the time! :-)).

TALL GIRL said...

Hudson is the best! We had two dals several years ago. We called them our designer dogs. They are a tad neurotic but then so am I on a bad day!

Looking forward to what you send me for R & B in P-town!