Friday, April 14, 2006

Where Does All the Time Go?

The Melody Johnson workshop is on its last day, meaning that practically a whole week has gone by since I got home from Chicago and I still haven't unpacked the fabric from the class I took from Robbi Ecklow. I did, however, unpack the project from the class and took a picture!

It's not exactly original work, but it was a fun exercise in fusing and color. I modified a few elements, but this will be a piece for "personal use" only. Robbi is a fun teacher and I plan to ask her to teach a workshop at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops.

And while I had the camera set up for pictures I snapped on of the finished version of the landscape piece I was working on. I titled it "Oregon Landscape 1", as I plan to play with this format a bit more. This piece was just shipped off to California where it will be appearing in an exhibit at the Ironstone Vineyards in Murphy (which is a small town near Fresno).

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Miriam said...

i'd love to hear you talk about what you learned in each workshop. you know, "the best thing i learned from so-and-so was..."